Custom Colors, Sizes and Shapes

You don’t have much choice when it comes to the visual design of your lab labels. They need to match their application surface perfectly. If they are to adhere to vials or tubes, they need to be flexible, wrap-around and not too big or too small. The size and shape of a lab label has to be just right for your application.

Lab labels are usually white, because they often contain a barcode/information that needs to be perfectly scannable/readable. Some specific lab labels often come in color, like, for example, communication labels. These labels are available in fluorescent colors that cannot be missed, which is the purpose of these labels – to draw attention. They are usually applied to tubes or other labware that carry some urgent information: reporting or test results that need to be looked at immediately.

The purpose of lab labels is not to be attractive, but to convey information as accurately as possible.